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The services that I provide:

Work permits
Human Resource and Skills Development Canada services
Applications for permanent residence
Retention of permanent residence status
Study permits
Visitor visas
Overcome admissibility problems to Canada
Canadian passport applications
Applications under access to information and privacy acts
Appeals and judicial reviews
Convention refugee claims in Canada and at Canadian Missions
Representation in proceedings
Foreign consulate services

Work Permits

  • intra-company transfers of senior executives, managers and workers with specialized knowledge
  • skilled workers (including qualified trades persons)
  • professionals
  • information technology workers (fast track program)
  • significant benefit workers
  • treaty traders and investors
  • religious & charitable workers
  • post graduation employment (in field of study)
  • international student and young workers
  • live-in caregivers/nannies
  • foreign academics
  • performing artists and entertainers
  • emergency repair personnel
  • spousal and same sex partner
  • NAFTA - North America Free Trade Agreement
  • CCFTA-Canada/Chile Free Trade Agreement
  • GATTS - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

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Human Resource and Skills Development Canada services

  • foreign worker applications
  • arranged employment applications
  • live-in care giver applications
  • labour market opinions
  • seasonal workers
  • specialty workers

Permanent Residence

  • independent
  • skilled workers
  • self employed
  • investors
  • entrepreneurs
  • humanitarian and compassionate applications abroad and from within Canada
  • provincial nominee program

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Retention of Permanent Residence Status

  • application for permanent residence card
  • residency obligation proceeding

Study Permits

  • initial applications and extensions
  • accompanying dependents
  • post graduation employment authorizations
  • international student and young worker employment
  • Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP)
  • Working Holiday Program (WHP)

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Visitor Visas

  • business visitors
  • spousal and same sex partner visas
  • initial tourist applications
  • letters of invitation
  • extension and restoration of status

Overcome Admissibility Problems

  • criminal inadmissibility
  • applications for criminal rehabilitation
  • medical inadmissibility
  • temporary resident permits

Canadian Passport Applications

  • passport applications
  • passport offences

Applications under Access to Information and Privacy acts

  • access to information and privacy requests to obtain immigration files

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Appeals and Judicial Reviews

  • appeals from refusals of sponsored application for permanent residence
  • judicial review of negative immigration officer decisions


  • eligibility assessments
  • applications
  • appeals

Convention Refugees

  • applications to the Refugee Protection Division
  • applications for Convention refugee seeking resettlement
  • judicial review of negative refugee claim decisions
  • refugee sponsorship

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Representation in Proceedings

  • preservation of permanent residence
  • loss of permanent residence
  • violations of terms and conditions of admission
  • voluntary departure and deportation proceedings
  • appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division
  • applications for rehabilitation
  • representation before the Immigration Division including detention reviews
  • ministerial danger opinions or interventions
  • representations to immigration officers in Canada and abroad

Foreign Consulate Services

  • Notarial services
  • Foreign Citizenship applications

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